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Go Live Events is an exclusive multimedia-based project, brought to you by UVERTISE. It is with absolute pleasure that we welcome you to Go Live, the ultimate media drive!

Go Live Events aims to bring informative updates and coverage from events, advertisements and provide ticket services to you in the comfort of your home. We aim to take you not just where the eye can’t see but to filter exposition and deliver an experience equal to being in attendance at an event.

With its primary headquarters in Islamabad and a team of enthusiastic business-hungry entrepreneurs, Golive is aimed to expand its domain and enter the esteemed world of Media by launching Web TV in the coming future and strive to subject our efforts to Karachi and Lahore, aswell.

For those of our valued subscribers and followers, that do not have access to visual electronic media, Go Live Events shall launch an online blog that will enable our audience to read an entire extract about the highlights of all mega events in Pakistan starting from Islamabad. Furthermore, our upcoming projects also include The official Golive Magazine to cater our audience that enjoys the domain of print media. It shall not only visualise the details of every event to the general public but also give a vivid and elaborate picture of how Montage is true to its promise of delivering the best services to you. Now miss an event, no more!

 We have several media portals. Those being our Facebook page, website and magazine (soon to launch). This website will allow you to read an entire post that would describe and state an event that has taken place in Islamabad, Pakistan. However, to provide a much better experience, Go Live would soon be launching its very own Web TV for the masses. Welcome to Go Live, where we visit it for you and provide you the Ultimate Media Drive!

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